Bon Voyage Travel center is an IATA Accredited Travel Management Company which was incorporated in July, 1994 and is located in the city center, Viva Towers, 2ND Floor, Room No. 12.

With her experience in the travel industry, Ms. ‘Nafeesa’ Janmohamed has managed to evolve

Bon Voyage Travel to be one of the most dependable and reliable travel management companies in the region.

With over 20 years in providing Travel related services, the organization has also build a strong relationship to many of our corporate clients who have been enjoying the quality of services and be able to meet and exceed their expectation.

Nafeesa Janmuhamed - Chief Executive Officer

Our Values:

As specialists in corporate travel, we are confident in our ability and knowledge to provide prompt and efficient Travel Management services and solutions to your business needs.

We have a team of well trained and experienced Travel Consultants to handle your day-to-day travel requirement and are committed to meet your travel needs with the most convenient option and the lowest available rates hence ensuring substantial savings on your travel budget.

We can help you to create or amend your travel policy to ensure maximum cost effectiveness without compromising on traveler comfort. We will then police this policy for your company to ensure compliance.

Quality and Excellence:
Member of HRG, a leading global Travel Management Company with strong Network is able to facilitate provision of excellent travel related services which gives its customer the access to over more than 120 countries worldwide.

Being in the HRG network, we have access to airlines and hotels inventory across the global network.

BON Voyage has gained wealth of experience in understanding its customer’s travel requirements hence strengthening the business relationship.

Being a second leading preferred Travel Management Company in Tanzania is identifying the travel needs and requirements of its clients.

We have a fast track record in providing other added value services related to travel.

To be the leading and most dependable travel Management Company in Africa that sets the standards for professionalism and reliability to its customers.

Bon Voyage Travel Center is a service oriented provider of value added ticketing and hotels agency. Our mission is to improve continually our products and services to meet and exceed our customers’ needs, allowing us to prosper as a business and to provide reasonable returns to the public.

Each HRG Travel agency partner is independently owned and operated, enabling it to identify and work with the community by building and maintaining relationships.

Team Work:

Our people incorporate teamwork works along with the company motto “Cooperation”, “Communication” and “Coordination” combined with efficiency, accuracy and positive attitude to make it feasible to provide the highest levels of attentive service to our expanding Corporate Travel clientele


BON Voyage Travel Center Limited has gained wealth of experience in understanding its customer’s travel requirements hence strengthening the business relationship.

Being a second leading  preferred Travel Management Company  in Tanzania it helps us to identify the travel needs and requirements of the our clients.

In order for us to achieve our vision, our prime focus is to ensure that we have advanced technology systems and policies put in place. Our ultimate goal is to provide a seamless, prompt, superior and accurate service to our esteemed customers.