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Umbwe Route.

Umbwe Route Starting on the southern side of the mountain at Umbwe gate this is a fairly steep route and is recommended for the very

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Shira Route

· Shira Route This route should only be attempted by those who are already acclimatized, or incredibly fit. Climbers using Shira Plateau route often report

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Rongai route

• Rongai route Beginson the northern side of the mountain and is the least traveled route. It is a long drive to the starting point

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Marangu Route.

Marangu route is the most popular route and is also known as the Coco-Cola route. It takes 5 days to complete, and climbers stay in

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Machame Route

  The second most popular is the Machame Route, also called the Whiskey Route. This route is 6 days with longer hiking distances than the

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Lemosho Route

  Lemosho Route is the longest of the standard routes and is without doubt the most beautiful. Expect some of the most extraordinary scenery anywhere

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